Providing Clinical Research Excellence for Over 20 Years in Spokane, WA

Sponsor/CRO Info

Sponsor/CRO Info

Clinical Research Facility in Spokane, Washington

Premier Clinical Research (PCR) is an independent research company, providing clinical trials in Spokane, WA. These studies are subject to strict regulations and guidelines through the FDA.

Additionally, each trial is monitored by Independent Review Boards (IRBs), which are groups of independent medical experts, ethicists, and lay people who represent the volunteers’ perspective.

Therapeutic Indications for Clinical Trials:

Premier Clinical Research recruits’ patients with:

Patient Population

Premier Clinical Research is a dedicated, private research center with a robust subject database and the ability to recruit from our investigators’ patient database. We also receive direct referrals from the Investigators onsite dermatology practice.

Facility information

Core Capabilities

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