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Premier Clinical Research located in Eastern Washington. Serving Spokane and the Pacific Northwest

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A Spokane based Medical Research facility specializing in Phase II, III, and IV research studies. Premier Clinical Research is dedicated to the highest standards of excellence for patient care and research best practices.

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For us, research isn’t a job or even a career – this is our passion.

We conduct clinical studies to help develop treatments that make life better for our patients.

We see patients every day – for everything from athlete’s foot to cosmetics – and chances are we’re their last hope. Maybe they’ve already tried everything else, or simply can’t afford treatment. 

Many people on our team are drawn to clinical research after a friend or family member faced an illness for which no marketed medication was available or adequate.

While we always hope studies help our patients, we fully understand that there may be no benefit to our patient. However, this research may help those who suffer in the future. 

Let's make medicine better, together.

Ground-breaking new treatments are being discovered at a rapid pace, but we need volunteers to help evaluate their safety and effectiveness. Find out how you can get involved in clinical trials now enrolling near you.

I have participated in a few research studies and have had a great experience each time! They are all very professional and friendly. They get their research data, and you get paid, it is a win-win if you have the time!

-Stephanie N.

I have participated in a few studies, as well as a couple of my kids, and the staff has been amazingly awesome, helpful, and truly caring about the participants. I really love going there, it is truly a delightful experience every time.

-AJ S.

I am a participant in a research study currently. Everyone here treats me with the utmost respect. The friendliest and most relaxing experience ever! I highly recommend this facility!

-Marlene K