Paul Kamate on Questions


"...the long term purpose is to find new solutions for people to make life better."

Sometimes this great, big world seems quite small. Take Paul Kamate for example. Paul is a trained physician originally from Mali, West Africa. Lucky for us, he fell in love with a girl from Montana, had a family, and after a few years at the Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, they moved to Spokane. “We were trying to get closer to my in-laws, and Spokane happened to be the closest. So, we moved here, and I heard about PCR.  Research is my passion, so I applied for a job here, and I got a position as a clinical study coordinator” says Paul.


We asked Paul to tell us why research is his passion. “In the medical field we don’t know everything yet,” he shared. “The best way to answer these questions is to go through clinical trials, especially to find new drugs and vaccines for people. The general population does not know much about why we do (research), and so the long term purpose is to find new solutions for people to make life better.”

When he is not researching neurological disorders (Parkinson’s, TBI, Migraine, Alzheimer’s etc.), you will find Paul gardening or playing soccer. If you happen to see Paul around town, be sure to say hello. We are quite thankful that Paul ended up in Spokane; he’s a blessing to both our team and community.


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