Hannah Gubitz on Dedication


As a team, we’re irrationally dedicated to what we do.

When asked why she enjoys working with the team at Premier Clinical Research, Hannah Gubitz didn’t hesitate: “As a team, we’re irrationally dedicated to what we do” she states just before bursting into laughter.


“My mom had cancer, and her treatment came from research. My Grandfathers Alzheimer’s treatment came from research. Parkinsons… Every treatment had to be discovered. Even in areas where (medicine) don’t do well, we are working to make it better.”

With stories like Hannah’s, it’s easy to understand why the team at PCR is “irrationally dedicated” to their work. Still, I had to ask what that means in a tangible sense.

“Making (medicine) easier for people to get ahold of, fixing dosing, keeping (subjects) in remission longer and decreasing side-effects” are examples Hannah shares. “We are making a difference, and that’s really cool!”

“We focus a lot on integrity. We run good studies, with good subjects and good results. We focus on doing it well so that you can’t look back and think we could have done that better. We want to do it right the first time. We have a lot of honesty in that. We can admit if it isn’t going well, how do we fix it. We troubleshoot and make it work.” Hannah paused for a moment to reflect. “I think it’s rare in health care for people to admit something isn’t going well, and then actually fix it.”


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