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Ground-breaking new treatments are being discovered at a rapid pace! But before doctors can prescribe them, they must be tested.

At Premier Clinical Research we conduct clinical studies to help develop new treatments and get them to market. (Humble brag: we’re very good at what we do!) However, the real champions are the volunteers because they make research possible.

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Some people have terribly misguided ideas about clinical trials: Human guinea pigs, unknown side effects, experimental treatments, and endless testing — none of which are grounded in fact. The reality is less exciting and – thankfully – much safer. 

It’s important to understand that these studies are subject to strict regulations and guidelines through the FDA. Additionally, each trial is monitored by Independent Review Boards (IRBs), which are groups of independent medical experts, ethicists, and lay people who represent the volunteers’ perspective.

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People choose to participate for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they don’t have access to quality medical care, or they are looking to help others by contributing to medical research.

Some people are out of options and just hoping to find something that works.  It doesn’t matter why they chose to participate; they are the champions who are helping to develop new treatments for the future.

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